Turning support into realities

Obviously the recent attacks that took place in Paris were sadly resented, especially since, amongst the victims are tourists and hotel staff.

Hotels' Union of Nice Côte d'azur

The extraordinary support that was shown all over the world, the many support calls and messages were extremely comforting and we are very grateful for them.

There were immediates consequences:
+ some cancellations, but not massive ones
+ probably "non reservations", ie potential tourist that might decide to avoid France
+ our safety and security concerns for both our clients and staff are even more acute and we keep a close link with french security forces that we trust, and wish to thank
again for their care and courage.

However, it is important to remember:
+ "closing of borders" does not mean that our clients cannot come to France, nor that Schengen visas are not valid
+ no security alerts on the Cote d'azur, no cancelled flights, and in Cannes the MAPIC tradeshow went on as planned
+ mostly "moral support" is fine, but our friends all over the world that really want to support France in these difficulties, can do so by buying french products, flying Air
France, and of course come to France: not doing so will mean victory for the terrorists.

Again thank you for the moving support shown, let's put it into realities

Au revoir...

Michel Tschann - président